About OBC

Thanks for visiting Online BlogCon 2014. We're so happy to have you here!

Online BlogCon grew out of a desire to attend a blog conference...but without the ability to do so.

We all know the best networking, the best blogging tips and advice, and the best prizes are found at blog conferences. But with registrations costs being anywhere from $200.00 and up plus the cost of travel and lodging, and a 2-3 day time commitment, attending an actual conference just isn't feasible for all of us.

That's where Online BlogCon comes in. We're offering networking, swag, prizes, tips and advice from your favorite rock star bloggers, and plenty of instructions and tutorials all for a super reasonable price and at an incredibly convenient location (wherever you have access to the internet)! Best of all: space is unlimited!! We're inviting as many bloggers to join us as would like to-- so be sure to tell your friends about BlogCon 2014 using the hashtag #obc14 on Twitter, Intagram, and Pinterest.

Registration for the Online Blog Conference 2014 is currently in the works. Please stay tuned to our Facebook Page, our Twitter Page and our Google + Page.

Have more questions before registering? We totally get it. Check out our FAQs page for more answers, and swing by the Testimonials page to learn why all of your friends are going to OBC!