1. When is OBC '14?
OBC '14 is still in the planning phase. Dates will be finalized by the end of March. We are tentatively planning for the 2nd or 3rd week in September. 

2. So...it's all online? How does that work?
Yes, OBC '14 is all online! You can access the posts anywhere that has internet access. You can read the posts at your leisure from your living room, from work, or even in your PJs! (That's our favorite way to experience OBC!)

3. But what if I can't get online those days?
Don't worry - if you can't get to the conference on the actual days, you'll be able to access them for a specific amount of time after the conference (actual time TBA, but at least 30 days).

4. How does the Facebook Group factor into OBC '14?
The private Facebook Group is one of the most integral parts of OBC! It's a community of bloggers and friends that share the same goal - to become better bloggers. From asking questions, to virtual pats on the back and Pin parties, the OBC Facebook Group really is the backbone of the conference. If you've registered, be sure that you've requested membership.

During the conference, the OBC Facebook Group will take on a new life as discussions about posts take place and questions are answered. It becomes a "live" conference in the group, one that makes the written word that much more powerful.

5. How can I get involved in OBC?
We'd love to have you help out! We need guest posters before the conference for the OBC blog and we need people to get the word out on their blogs about the conference. See the Get Involved page for more details.

We also need sponsors! If you'd like to sponsor OBC '14 or have a great product or service or idea for a giveaway, please see the Sponsor page.
We are so excited to have you for OBC '14! If you have any other questions, please contact us!